Welcome to Montesino Gardens

“If you want to be happy for a lifetime, be a gardener.”

About me

Hi! I’m Jesús from Montesino Gardens.

Having worked in sustainable architecture for many years, I developed an interest and love for plants and nature.

I enjoy working closely with clients to understand their preferences and tastes, and from that, help make their gardens thrive in beautiful outdoor spaces.

Please feel free to read my reviews and get in touch anytime. Thanks for stopping by!

Warm regards,

Jesús Porras



Keep your weeds under control to make your garden thrive.


Pruning is essential to promote trees and plants natural shape and healthy growth, reducing diseases and encouraging fruit production.

Hedging and Trimming

Trimming your hedges will keep them to your desired height and shape, and also promote plant health and strong growth.

General maintenance

Regular garden maintenance is the best way to keep your garden needs covered throughout the year. 

Gutter cleaning

Keeping your gutters clean will help to prevent water damage on your home.

Mowing and Edging

Keeping your lawn neat and tidy will make your lawn healthy and more enjoyable.


Mulching your garden will help to suppress weeds, enhance the nutrient status of the soil and conserve the soil moisture.

Irrigation systems

Choosing the right irrigation system will help to make your garden water efficient.

Garden recovery

If your garden is out of control, we’ll make it come back to life. You’ll love your garden again!


Edging, paths or garden beds will make a big difference to the functionality and look of your garden.


“It’s a joy to work with Jesús collaboratively on my garden. His professionalism is of the highest level. It’s not a large garden but very plant dense, with several distinct zones and planting styles. Jesús is the first gardener I have found in Melbourne with both a passion for plants and the lightness of touch to help them thrive. He is a true gardener and I value working with him.” – Mark Mobsby


“Jesús always shows up on time and the quality of your job is impressive!! We’re very pleased, with your diligence to be on site and on schedule, and with heavy rain still managed to work through with minimum interruption. Thank you again, I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good, caring and reliable gardener” Abby Hailemariam


“I thank my lucky stars the day Jesús came to work with me in the garden. He works tirelessly and efficiently. He is easy to work with, listens and takes advice and instructions readily. He is creative and adaptable in his approach. He has been working in my garden for over six months now and my garden is transformed. I enjoy it so much more now that it is being well maintained. I recommend him highly”. – Miriam Ford


“It’s always a pleasure having Jesús take care of our garden. He is punctual, polite and very hardworking. The garden is transformed after his efforts. Highly recommend him!” Natasha Treloar


“Jesús does a wonderful job on our garden. He is hard working, thorough and has a friendly and respectful manner. I would gladly recommend him”. Annie Feith


“Jesús Porras of Montesino Gardens is a real find for me. He loves my garden, he is interested and invested and gives his very best every time. It is easy to talk to Jesús about what I want and he listens and makes suggestions based on his knowledge. We work together really well. Highly recommended.” Lyn Malone


“I have had the versatile, hardworking and time effective Mr Porras from Montesino Gardens work for me regularly. He built beautifully curved bluestone raised garden beds, erected a trellis and other garden fittings, pruned trees to a pleasing shape including palms and bamboo, reshaped a back garden and even cleaned the house gutters. His plantings of trees and shrubs grew so well our garden is transformed. I have complete confidence in the result of everything he does. Next project is a slow drip irrigation system. Well worth his fees”. Tony Gartland


“Jesús is a lovely guy and hard worker who keeps our garden looking fantastic”. David Latham